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"dreamy, ethereal acid folk soundscape" "shades of Linda Perhacs’ and Pantaleimon’s interstellar folk are conjured up alongside the minimalist neo-classical work of Gavin Bryars" - Record Crates United

"her experimental and beautiful sound collages transport anyone fortunate enough to come under her spell into different realms and spaces" - Keith How, Penny Black Music

"a kaleidoscope of image and holy mystery ... early contender for album of the year" - Terrascope

Feature in The National

"stark, gorgeous and lysergic" - Byron Coley in The Wire

"timeless vocal incantations and phantom drones" - Foxy Digitalis

"If the dreamy, pagan-laced TV shows of the early 70s, Delia Derbyshire and Broadcast appeal to you, there's much to lose yourself in ... dreamlike psychedelic music" 4 * review - Shindig

"like hearing Nico's 'Marble Index' when it was released; alien yet curiously familiar, beautiful yet stark, hypnotic yet troubling" - Grey Malkin, Active Listener

"a beguiling sound which is hypnotic and sometimes meditative" - Compulsion Online

"alt-folk's Brian Eno" - New Folk Sounds

Pefkin interview, It's Psychedelic Baby

Meadowsilver interview, Record Crates United

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