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'The Light Bends Inwards' lathe 12" and cassette on Muza Muza
'Observations on Land and Sea' 10" on Sonido Polifonico

'The Land is a Sea in Waiting' cd (reissue)
Split LP with Roxane Metayer on Morc Records
Gayle Brogan / Alison O'Donnell 7" lathe on Sonido Polifonico


'The Late Wake' on Lost in Catland compilation

'Evening Crows' live version of Wonderous Christmas Extravaganza Vol 2' on Fuzz Bat

'Modern Witchery' remix on lathe cut for Big Eyes Family's 'The Disappointed Chair' album

'The Crows' lathe cut plus 'Gossip Among the Leaves' cd on Sonido Polifonico

'The Land is a Sea in Waiting' cassette on Celebrate Psi Phenomenon

'The Anchorite Dreams in Silver' remix on Ashtoreth & Grey Malkin - Hermit remix download album

'Gather the Sloes' on 'Undulating Waters Vol 5' cassette on Woodford Halse

'The Drowned World' on 'Psi-Isolation' download compilation on Celebrate Psi Phenomenon

'Celestial Navigations' LP on Morc

'Two Golden Sisters (remix)' on Sweet Williams - Woe See The Fired Worm Cometh download album 

'Morning Come, Maria Gone (remix)' on Burd Ellen cassette single 'Morning Come, Maria Gone'


'Debris' on 'Strange Variation' compilation cd (collection of graphic scores) on Siren Wire

'The Place Thereof Knoweth It No More' on 'Remembrance for Lost Species' download album

'The Crow' very limited secret location specific release on Sonido Polifonico


'Final Instar' cd on Siren Wire

'Murmurations' LP on Morc

'Exile' on split lathe cut 8" w/ Barrett's Dottled Beauty on Sonido Polifonico

'Swans' on split lathe cut 8" tour single on Sonido Polifonico


'Into the Beyond World' cd on Reverb Worship

'Last Rays of Summer / Sanderlings' 8" square lathe cut on Sonido Polifonico


'Liminal Rites' cd on Wild Silence

'Black Mass' cd on Reverb Worship

'Bleikr' on very limited art edition 3" cdr (edition of 10)


'Inner Circle Outer Circle' LP on Morc


'The All-Alone Stone' cd on Curiously Euphonic

'North Sea Nights Winter Lights' on 'For Tom Carter' download compilation on Deserted Village


'The Inaugural Meeting of the Glasgow Temperance Society' cd on Reverb Worship


'Zugunruhe' cd on Sound and Fury


'Sunblinded Visions by a Silver Sea' split cd w/ The Circle and the Point on Deep Water

'Possible Confusion Species' on Rural Faune


'The Other Room' 3" cd on Students of Decay (part of the Creeping Dawn Vol 3 box)

'Lie On the Ground and Breathe' 3" cd on Cook an Egg


'Pingle Pangle cd on Pseudoarcana

'Heart of the Sunrise' on 'Wailing Bones Vol 8' cd on Foxglove


Asa Nisi Masa cd on Foxglove

'Blast Beach' on 'Gold Leaf Branches' compilation on Foxglove

'Peek Out Poke' on 'Kanoja, Myös Hanoja' compilation on 267 Lattajjaa


'Very Badpipes' on 'Rewriting the Book' compilation of Aube remixes on Elsie and Jack

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