Pefkin is the alter ego of Gayle Brogan, Ayrshire-based creator of slowly-unfolding, ritualistic hymnals that draw heavily on the landscape and natural world.

Pefkin emerged after the retro-futuristic psych / electronic duo Electroscope went into hibernation in 2000. Her first solo show was supporting Pram in spring of that year. Influenced by Nico, Hood, Movietone and Syd Barrett, she created a fragmentary, more stripped-down version of Electroscope’s bedroom psychedelia but retreated from live performance in 2001. Pefkin has released 14 albums on labels such as Morc, Wild Silence, Reverb Worship, Digitalis, Pseudoarcana and Siren Wire as well as several sold-out lathe cuts on Sonido Polifonico. Pefkin returned to live performance in 2013 and has played across the UK and Europe, including Fano Free Folk Festival and Woolf II in 2019.

Her sound comprises a mesmerising and enigmatic layering of vocals, violin, analogue synth, zither, psaltery, harp, guitar, found objects and field recordings. She records at home in North Ayrshire with contributions from regular collaborators John Cavanagh (Phosphene) and Alan Davidson (Kitchen Cynics).

Pefkin’s music has received comparisons to Coil, Popul Vuh and Nico.

Her latest album ‘Celestial Navigations’ was released in early 2020 on Morc to reviews which described it as an 'early contender for album of the year' (Terrascope) and airplay on BBC6 Music's Freakzone. She will also be releasing a 20th anniversary lathe cut on Sonido Polifonico and has contributed a cover of 'The Electrician' to a forthcoming Scott Walker tribute on the same label.

Spooked-out twilight listening that is both unsettling and compelling, drawing you into a private world. (Ed Pinsent / Sound Projector)

Something akin to what it must have been like hearing Nico's 'Marble Index' when it was released; alien yet curiously familiar, beautiful yet stark, hypnotic yet troubling. (Grey Malkin / Active Listener)

Gayle is also a member of Barrett’s Dottled Beauty, Electroscope, Burd Ellen, Meadowsilver and a sometime United Bible Student and live member of the Kitchen Cynics. She used to run the much-missed record distro Boa Melody Bar.

© 2020 by Pefkin. 

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