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Highlights of 2022

Reissue of 'The Land is a Sea in Waiting' on cd 

You can hear a preview of some new sounds on this film made by Psychedelic Jim Wilkie, to be released next year 

Split LP with Roxane Metayer on Morc Records

Being described as part of the "most innovative duo in folk music" (!) upon release of the 3rd Burd Ellen album "A Tarot of the Green Woods"

Playing at the Leigh Folk Festival and Cambridge Folk Festival with Burd Ellen

Meadowsilver album 'II' 

First release under my "real" name, Gayle Brogan, with Alison O'Donnell on Sonido Polifonico

Playing on various other projects, including Old Million Eye and United Bible Studies

Playing a handful of special gigs, including supporting the wonderful Penelope Trappes in Sheffield

Coming in 2023

A 10" on Sonido Polifonico

12" and cassette on Muza Muza

Burd Ellen tour in March

A couple of gigs early in the year from me 

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