Forthcoming in 2022

Reissue of 'The Land is a Sea in Waiting' on cd 

You can hear a preview of some new sounds on this film made by Psychedelic Jim Wilkie 

Several other projects in the works including a full-length lathe cut / cassette release, 10" special edition lathe cut and split LP with one of my favourite current artists - await further news!!

Playing at the Leigh Folk Festival with Burd Ellen

New Meadowsilver album 'II' comes out June 2022

An album based on Irish / Scottish bird folklore with Alison O'Donnell, Alan Davidson, David Colohan and Grey Malkin.

Highlights of 2021

I had a new song 'The Late Wake' included on 'Lost in Catland' compilation in aid of cat shelters, and a live version of 'The Evening Crows' on Fuzzbat's 'Wonderous Christmas Extravaganza'

Burd Ellen released a new single 'The High Priestess & the Hierophant' on Thread Recordings in November

I contributed violin to two new United Bible Studies releases: 'Wherefore a Veil' and 'Exquisite Corpse'

I played a couple of Pefkin gigs and toured with Burd Ellen during the autumn