Forthcoming in 2021

Reissue of 'The Land is a Sea in Waiting' on LP / cd with extra tracks.

Looking for a label to issue my album based on Irish / Scottish bird folklore with Alison O'Donnell, Alan Davidson, David Colohan and Grey Malkin.

Highlights of 2020

20th anniversary box set of The Crows EP / Gossip Amongst the Leaves compilation on Sonido Polifonico came out November and sold out within  immediately

'The Land is a Sea in Waiting' was written, recording, issued and sold out within 6 months! Thanks to Celebrate Psi Phenomenon for putting it out in such a lovely package.

'Celestial Navigations' came out on Morc in February and is down to the last few copies. Had some great reviews for this too.

Burd Ellen's 'Says the Never Beyond' LP came out late autumn and garnered much praise, including Folk Album of the Month in the Guardian and 6 in their Top 10 for the year.