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Before free folk and hauntology, there was Electroscope, the duo of Gayle Brogan and John Cavanagh (Phosphene) who bridged the gap between the Incredible String Band and the Radiophonic Workshop.


'December Moods' on 'Turn On, Tune In' compilation on Lullabies for Insomniacs


'Leap Year Day' cd on Curiously Euphonic 

'At the Sound Lab' cd on Curiously Euphonic 

'Jock Sheep' on 'Yesterday, Perhaps' compilation LP on Les Enfants du Paradiddle


'Diapause' cd on Curiously Euphonic

'The Aye-Aye' on 'For Lee Jackson in Space' compilation


'Blowhole' on split 7" w/ Windy & Carl on Jonathan Whiskey


'Fire' and 'Water' on split 7" w/ Warser Gate on Octan Grammophon 

'Coricancha' and 'Crepusculismo' on split 7" w/ Echo Is Your Love on Kyle Productions 

Split LP w/ Minmae on Rocket Racer 

'A Different Kind of If' on 'Esprit III' compilation on Aspic 

'Out on the Edge of Time - reprise' DJ Spectra remix on 'Harpsichord 2000' compilation cd on S.H.A.D.O.

'Things Behind The Sun' with Zurich on 'Sculpting From Drake' compilation cd on Elsie and Jack

'Rats' on Asyd Vinyl compilation LP on Krank

'Parting Echoes' and 'Igloo' on 'Yr Agog' compilation cd on Oggum

'The Blue You Never Knew' on 'See Through But Solid' compilation cd on See-Through

'Phosphoresence' on '19 Ways To Avoid The Draft' compilation cd on Mar/Ino

'Sea Voices' on 'Black Bean and Placentra Vol 4' compilation cd on BBPTC

'Fourteen' on 'Beyond Beyond' compilation cd on Alice in Wonder


'Journey to the Centre of Electroscope' LP on Boa Records 

'North Utsire South Utsire' and 'Wee Baldy' on split 7" w/ Longstone on Oggum

'Where Penguins Are a Force for Good' and 'Turbine' on split 7" w/ Stasola on Lykill 

'Diaphone' on '13 Elements' compilation cd on Disasters By Choice


'Out on the Edge of Time' 7" on Boa Records

'Unhappy Soul' 7" on Lissys 

'Follow The Rainbow' 7" on Tinseltones (1998)

'Sky Men' (with Mount Vernon Arts Lab) on 'Just Like Geoff' split 7" w/ Castaway Stones on Boa Records 

'Shame Changed His Pigmentation' on split 7" w/ Mount Vernon Arts Lab on Earworm 

'Farewell Mantra' on 'Lounge Vol 2' compilation cd 

'Small Grey Diamonds' on 'Ataraxia' split 7" on Plastic Noise


'Homemade Electroscope' LP on Wurlitzer Jukebox

'Sommerso' on Wurlizter Jukebox 

'The Vanishing Pulsar Planet' 7" on Wurlitzer Jukebox 

'Where the Oscilloscope Meets the Magic Eye' cassette on Boa Records 

'Touchdown' on 'Bedroom Ambience' compilation LP on Enraptured


'Cathode Follower Output' on 'Noises From the Sound Cupboard' compilation LP on Boa

'Cracked Gardens' on 'Fluttered 2' cassette on Big Jim

'Freespirit Freequency' and 'Pan Pose' on 'Indigo Violet' cassette on Bliss

'Barbalite' on 'Topaz' cassette on Bliss

'Square Wave' on 'Hallucinogenic Hypnovision' cassette on Inner Psyche

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